Hi, I’m Karin!

I help strong women to reconnect with their feminine energy and attract a committed relationship that makes them feel safe, loved, and supported.

You can work with me privately or take one of my courses.

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In my private coaching, I help you step into your magnetic, feminine energy and date in a high-value way that attracts an abundance of high-quality men ready to commit. I also support you through the sensitive first stages of dating until you feel absolutely safe about his intentions.

The investment starts at 150 EUR per month


Your feminine energy is naturally magnetic and inspires him to treat you like a Goddess.

This 2 hour masterclass will guide you in reconnecting with it.


How can you open your heart and trust again after having been hurt and disappointed over and over again?

This masterclass will help you step by step to feel safe in love and be able to trust again.


You can’t MAKE a man commit, but you can inspire him to when you know what he truly needs to fall for you!


Did you ever notice that your energy is constantly changing throughout the month?

Our feminine energy is cyclical, and when you learn to embrace it instead of fighting it you naturally tap into your magnetism, mystery, and juiciness. 

This course will lead you in understanding this ebb and flow and in embracing it authentically in love. 


This course will give you step by step guidance on how to show up as the high value woman that you are in dating.

It covers 5 lessons:

  • Reset your energy in dating and learn how to magnetize him in the dating apps

  • Classy feminine communication during a date

  • Keep him wanting more after the first date

  • How to know if he’s the one

  • How to navigate through the most common dating challenges


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