Girl, Goddess, and Bitch.

You’re a cyclical being sister. Embrace it, and you’ll be irresistible.


  • You know that embracing your feminine energy helps you create a lasting polarity with a masculine man, but it doesn’t feel authentic to just follow some “feminine scripts” that don’t come from your heart.
  • If you’re really honest, you’re afraid of showing ALL of yourself in dating (yes, also the bitchy side for example) because you fear that you might be judged. So you’re constantly trying to do “everything right”.
  • You feel a deep respect for the innate wisdom of nature, and yet, you never really understood the sense behind the monthly menstruation pain.
  • You know that your energy is changing throughout your cycle, but you have no idea how to embrace it authentically in dating.

What if you could…

understand and embrace the deep wisdom of your cyclical nature? (and therefore fascinate men saying “there’s something special with her…”)

feel grounded and connected with the (changing) truth of who you are? (leaving men in awe of your peaceful inner beauty)

tap into your natural potential of manifesting your desires? (Did you know that your period is THE time to connect with your intuition?)

understand when you have to protect your energy (and when it’s the time to shine?)

stop hiding your “shadow” side (and instead use it to help you save years of heartbreak)?

know when your feminine and masculine energy is at its highest (and therefore show up authentically in dating without having to follow some fixed strategies)?



The only course out there to help you understand and embrace the Girl, the Goddess, and the Bitch within in your dating journey.

Because when you fully embody the truth of who you are in the moment, you are irresistible.

“Dear Karin, your work is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. It’s full of love, depth, and beauty” Svetlana

“Karin has literally widened my thought process. She has helped me heal and embrace my feminine energy. I couldn’t thank her enough” Arifa


  • the sacred meaning of menstruation as a powerful cycle of renewal and growth

  • the reason for menstrual pain

  • how the Feminine is connected with the rhythm of Mother Earth

  • how and when to track your energy and mood

  • why this will help you to create a real heart connection with men

  • how to track your energy streams when you’re in menopause

  • the law of polarity as THE key for a lasting love relationship

  • the differences between masculine and feminine energy

  • the times of your cycle when your masculine and feminine energy are at their highest, and how to keep a healthy polarity with a masculine man when you have a lot of masculine energy yourself

  • the crucial feminine need that isn’t accepted in today’s society

  • how honoring this need makes you more attractive, “juicy”, and magnetic

  • how your period is a natural guide to tap into the feelings of worthiness, sensuality, and spirituality

  • practical dating advice for 3 scenarios: you are single, you just started dating an interesting man, you have been dating a great man for more than a month

  • why the energy of spring is the perfect time to nurture the “girl” inside of you

  • how to authentically use this playful energy to learn the art of classy and elegant flirting

  • how to protect yourself from the energetic risks of this season

  • how to embrace the strong, doing, masculine energy of this time WHILE keeping a healthy polarity in dating

  • how to say yes to being sensual and attractive WITHOUT giving away your power

  • how to use this magnetic energy to take the initiative with men WHILE staying classy and feminine

  • practical dating advice for 3 scenarios: you are single, you just started dating an interesting man, you have been dating a great man for more than a month

  • how to appreciate the “Inner Bitch” as a guidance for healing, inner growth, and authenticity

  • how to allow yourself to go through the typical premenstrual emotions of tiredness, anger, and sadness without feeling bad or unworthy

  • practical dating advice for 3 scenarios: you are single, you just started dating an interesting man, you have been dating a great man for more than a month


No matter what’s your preferred learning style, I’ve got you covered! All lessons are available in video and text format!

And if you have any questions at all about the course material, I’ll be happy to answer within 48 hours. Just send me a direct message on Instagram and I’ll be there for you!


But only for a very limited time! Grab your lifetime access today.


15 EUR


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This program has the power to profoundly change your life. I’m confident that if you take the time to do the work, you’ll get tremendous value. I back this up with my 30 day risk-free money back guarantee. 

If for any reason you should not be happy with your investment, you just need to send me an email or an Instagram message requesting a refund. No questions asked!


“What I love about Karin is her authenticity. What she teaches us you can see that she has been applying in her own life. Her energy is so calm and strong at the same time.” Kay

“Karin has this access to energetic levels that we don’t always understand, but that have a significant impact on our lives” Carola

Hi, I’m Karin!

I personally cannot wait for you to experience the power, fullness, and beauty of the sacred rhythm of your menstrual cycle.

Learning how to step into my cyclical nature has literally transformed my life. I went from a toxic relationship with a guy who was financially dependent on me (and still criticizing me everyday) to marrying the man of my dreams. 

We have the sweetest little daughter, a dog and the most beautiful house surrounded by nature. My husband is handsome, intelligent, kind hearted, and my biggest fan. With him, I can be 100% myself, with all of my strengths and all of my flaws. 

More than anything else, I want you to experience this feeling. This peace, this safety, this freedom of being loved AND unapologetically you. Because I know that this feeling will give you wings to fly, and energy to fulfill your potential. 

You are on this planet for a reason. The world needs your gifts, your talents, your unique voice more than ever. But you will only be able to step into the best version of you from a place of happiness. This is why I want you to be happy. Because from this happiness, you will change the world. You will shine a light. You will give hope and strength to so many around you. 

I believe in you. I believe in your dreams. You have them for a reason, sister.

Let’s go and make them a reality!!!

“Dear Karin, you are the most caring, kind, and honest dating/life coach that I found on social media.

Your words feel like warm hugs”



  • You feel a deep fascination for the sacred wisdom of nature
  • You feel ready to be authentic and real in love and in life, but you’re missing positive and concrete guidance (because hey, we live in a very masculine oriented society and we have forgotten so much about our true power as women)
  • You intuitively feel that embracing your real, cyclical nature is the key to attracting lasting and authentic love
  • You’re ready to slow down and abundantly receive love instead of constantly chasing it

There has never been a better time to change your life and live authentically

We’re experiencing a deep shift of consciousness right now. Throughout the world, women are starting to understand and embrace their true nature as a source for cyclical renewal and growth.

Living and loving authentically not only has the power to heal your love story and make unconditional love your new normal. It has the power to heal generational trauma.

When you embrace the real you, you’ll teach by example your daughters, your friends, and many more women in your community. 

You’ll become an example of light and hope.

“Karin touched my heart and helped me heal my love story. ” Teeyanah

“Karin has helped me so much in understanding how the feminine and masculine energies flow, how (non) action leads to reaction and this way it became so clear to me why it hasn’t worked out in the past. Her advice is so easy to follow and shows amazing effects at the same time. I wished I would have known her sooner” Linh


Is this course for me even if I use hormonal contraception methods (the pill, Nuvaring, IUD…)?

Yes, this course can still be incredibly valuable for you for two reasons:

  1. Even if your body is not having a natural cycle (these methods are “faking” a pregnancy to your body), you still have very different moods throughout the month. This course is an invitation to look inside, listen to your body, and show up authentically in dating. You learn how your weak days are gold for maintaining a healthy polarity in your relationship, how to navigate through your moody/angry days, and what risks to avoid in your strong/productive days. Learning to listen inside and recognize how you’re feeling is key to creating a heart connection with a man. Because when you’re sharing your feelings, you’re opening the door to his heart.
  2. This course will be an eye-opener about the perfectly wise, hidden meaning behind your natural cycle. Too often, the pill & co. are given to young girls without any kind of consultation about all the side effects. Did you ever carefully read the package leaflet of the drugs you’re taking? Using hormonal contraception methods has a huge impact on your body and to make an informed decision for yourself, it’s also important to be aware of what you’re missing.

Do you offer support?

This is a self-paced, self-study course. That being said, if you have any questions about the course materials, I’m here and happy to help. Just send me a direct message via Instagram.

Can’t I learn this knowledge in books?

There are amazing books out there about our feminine and cyclical nature (I list them in the Resources section of the course), but you’ll find no other book and no other course out there that gives you concrete guidance on how to embrace your cyclical nature in dating.

Did you already teach this knowledge for free in your Instagram stories?

No, I did not. I’m consciously offering tons of free value in my daily Instagram stories, but I never talked in depth about the deep wisdom of our cyclical nature in dating.

But what if I don’t like the course?

I’m confident that if you take the time to go through the lessons and use this knowledge in your day-by-day, you will experience a degree of peace, happiness, and abundance in your life that you never thought possible before. That being said, if for any reason you should not like what you find inside, you have 30 days to just send me an email or an Instagram message to cancel your purchase and get a refund. No questions asked.


I already reached menopause. Will this still work for me?

Even after menopause, your energy continues to change. Many women, for example, use the cycles of the moon as a reference point.

I believe that you will still find powerful knowledge inside this course, but since I did not reach menopause yet, I won’t be able to offer you experienced support.

This course can still be an amazing wake-up call to start to listen inside and to recognize the hidden wisdom behind your high and low energy days.

If you feel drawn to it, give it a try. You can always cancel your purchase within 30 days. No questions asked, and no bad feelings.

“For me, Karins content is THE ONLY content that encompasses the full state/feeling of being a woman”




15 EUR


40 EUR

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