For my birthday I'm doing something crazy...

that feels SO good and aligned!

I’m offering more than 90% discount on my best selling courses. Not because it makes sense…

But because I can, because I know that this work has the power to completely change your life, and because I truly want to see you happy, loved, and thriving.

Inside this birthday bundle there’s EVERYTHING you need to heal your love story, step into your feminine energy, and attract your soulmate.

For only 88 € you get lifetime access to my bestselling courses*:

Heal your love story: Find and release what is blocking you from manifesting true love. Value: 222 €

Forgive and let go: Let go of the old pain and open your heart to receive an abundance of love. Value: 44 €

Step into your worth: You’ve always been worthy of love. Join me for a journey to the source of your worth. Value: 44 €

Step into your feminine energy and become a natural magnet for the Masculine. Value: 44 €

Girl, Goddess, and Bitch: understand and embrace the deep wisdom of your cyclical nature, and show up authentically in love, leaving men in awe of your peaceful inner beauty. Value: 111 €

Learn to trust men: Trust is the key to allow a real connection to unfold. In this masterclass, I show you how you can feel safe to open your heart again, even if you’ve been betrayed or ghosted in the past. Value: 44 €

The 5 things he needs to commit: Learn what he really needs to commit to you (it’s probably not what you think). Value: 44 €

Attract your soulmate: Get crystal clear about the man that you want to manifest and attract him with daily mindset routines. Value: 88 €

Energetically aligned dating: My step by step guidance on how to step into feminine energy throughout the dating process and magnetize him for life. Value: 111 €

And to these BONUS masterclasses:

How to believe that you’ll find true love: Did you ever hear the saying “I’ll believe it when I’ll see it?” And if yes, does it resonate with you when it comes to finding love? The problem with this perspective is that on an energetic level, it doesn’t work. Manifestation works in the opposite way: You’ll be able to SEE true love manifested in your life when you’ll BELIEVE it. Unshakable belief is truly the most magnetic feeling that you can have to manifest love. But how can you be certain that you’ll find true love if all you’re experiencing is disappointment and heartbreak? How can you believe in love when no matter how much you do, it just doesn’t seem to happen and ever work out? 
Value: 44 €

Love Awakening: Love Awakening has been one of the most potent workshops I ever gave. A word of warning: I’m talking spirituality, energetics, alignment, vibration. I believe that first and foremost, you’re a powerful spiritual creator. I believe that your energy and vibration is magnetizing matching experiences. I believe that you can have anything that you can imagine. Read that again. In the workshop, we’re diving deep on the 4 steps to manifestation: 1. Ask 2. Believe 3. Let go 4. Receive. It’s going to help you incredibly to recognize what might be blocking you in your journey to manifest true love – and how you can manifest it effortlessly.
Value: 47 €

How to know where the relationship is going. You’re ready for a serious relationship… but how about him? Does he want the same? Or are you just wasting time? In this mini course, I’m lovingly guiding you to: 1. connect with your truth so that you first of all feel sure of what YOU want 2. recognize his intentions early on 3. ask for clarity even if you’ve been seeing each other for weeks, months or years and you still feel confused
Value: 33 €

The void: How to hold the energy while waiting for love. How to hold the energy, the juiciness, the excitement… When you don’t see your manifestation coming true yet. How to stay connected with your vision… When you don’t see any proof. How to stay excited… Even when things aren’t working yet.
Value: 44 €

What if you already purchased some of these?

If you purchased any of these courses in the last 3 months and decide to purchase this bundle as well, send me a message on Instagram and I’ll send you a refund for the original purchase 🙂

You get lifetime access to all of these courses for only 88 € (ca. 95 USD)

The bundle is going to be available only for a very short time!

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