Dear Emma,

thank you for believing in my work. But even more, thank you for believing in yourself. I’m so proud of you and I feel that you’re about to make a lasting change in your life that will create spark, meaning, purpose, excitement, joy, and passionate love

I’m beyond excited to witness the amazing relationship that you will attract, and the impact that your business school will have. 

You can complete your order below by clicking the button “Add to cart”. After payment, you’ll be able to download the worksheet to prepare for our first meeting next Saturday, November 28th, at 4 PM. I will then manually send you your invoice within a few days.

For any questions at all, you can always send me a Whatsapp message to my number +39 349 849 8373 or an email to kgambaracci@gmail.

Let’s go and create a life that will inspire hundreds of women who will have the privilege to meet you believe in love again.

Feel hugged



Your coaching package includes:

  • 10 coaching calls with me over Zoom (1 hour each)
  • One 2 hour intensive call on Zoom to get crystal clear on the kind of relationship that you want to attract
  • One 2 hour intensive call on Zoom to practice your feminine communication skills
  • Full access to me for 6 months via Whatsapp, Viber or Voxer for when you feel stuck, confused or ready to celebrate (I know already that I’ll have tears in my eyes when you’ll send me the first picture together with HIM)
  • Extended support via Whatsapp, Viber or Voxer for another 6 months after the end of our program. You’ll be able to send me up to one written question a week (just in case you start to feel insecure whether all of this goodness that you attracted in your life is really meant for you - YES it is sister!!!)
  • Daily journal prompts to reprogram your mindset and become a magnet for love
  • Two mp3 meditations based on your personal vision and challenges for your morning and evening routines. These times, when the conscious mind is more quiet, are so important to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract an abundance of love into your life. In a matter of weeks, you will experience an astounding energy shift and notice how you will attract an amazing man into your life with absolute ease
  • Audio recordings of all the Zoom calls
  • Extensive feedback on your online dating profile (so that it’s going to attract the RIGHT kind of men and leave them begging for more!)
  • A Pinterest board full of inspiration for feminine and cozy dating outfits based on your style.
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