Even high-quality men go cold sometimes…

maybe simply because they have a problem at work, or with their family…

… but I know how anxious and insecure it makes you feel. You start questioning yourself… “Did I do or say something wrong?” “Doesn’t he like me anymore?”

You stare at your phone and can’t stop thinking about him…

When he finally calls, you’re so nervous that you feel a shift in the way he reacts to you. Is it because of your nervousness? Or because he isn’t sure about you anymore?

The truth is: The way you react when he goes cold is crucial. You want to stay relaxed, peaceful, and secure about your worth.

You want to know what you deserve, and you want to make sure you aren’t shifting in a needy, pursuing energy. But if we’re honest, it’s easier said than done.

To help you relax in your magnetic feminine energy, I created a powerful meditation for you

To help you breathe, relax, and connect with your intuition. To help you feel safe and worthy. To help you step into your most attractive, feminine energy. To help you focus on what counts, and let go of the need of controlling his behavior. 

The meditation is in mp3 format, you can download it and listen to it directly on your phone.

Where can I send you the free meditation?

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