Is there a formula to manifest love?

Having worked as a dating coach for 6 years now, I can say that yes, there is one. 

Manifesting love is not hard (actually, the belief that it’s hard might be one of the things that is blocking you from experiencing your dream come true), and it follows a specific process. 

And no, it’s not enough to know what you want, visualize it, and take aligned action. 

This workshop is so special to me, and I get all the feels when I think of all the lives that it will change. I’m hosting it with my former client Julia Hanke, who’s getting married in September to the love of her life. 

When she started working with me, Julia was stuck in the belief that she wasn’t truly lovable, and that true love wasn’t available to her. She didn’t have problems attracting men, but they were never truly emotionally available, leaving her feeling empty and confused. 

Together, we’ll go deep in the process that led her to manifest a man who is 99% the way she visualized him. We’ll use her story to exemplify what it really takes to manifest love, and where so many women stay stuck.

You’ll learn…

  • the step by step process of manifesting your soulmate

  • exactly what’s been blocking you until now, and how to release it

  • the overlooked, yet potent step that will make you magnetize your soulmate

  • why feeling lost in love can actually be a catalyst for transformation

  • how to speed up the manifestation process 

  • and so much more!

When you sign up, you get instant access to the workshop. The investment is 55 €.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to send Karin an email to

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