What if you could experience your power to attract the relationship you always dreamed of? What if you could step into your feminine energy and experience the bliss of being adored by the man of your dreams?


You can!

Don’t you shake your head sister! (I can sense your head shake)



  • You have the feeling that men are often intimidated by your strong character and / or by your job title
  • Sometimes you wonder if there’s something wrong with you. Because… Why is it that you can’t keep a good man attracted to you for more than a few months (or weeks)?
  • (It’s so frustrating…) You don’t like the men who like you, and always fall for unavailable men who end up ghosting you...
  • Your heart is still a bit broken, and you’re not sure if you can cope with another disappointment. That’s why you built a big, thick wall around your heart (to keep you safe)
  • You have an exciting career and loving friends, but still... sometimes you feel so lonely and you’re afraid it will go on like this forever if you don’t lower your standards
  • You’re honestly so tired of dating and doing the same smalltalk over and over again…


I feel you.


Nothing changes if nothing changes. Meaning, if you want to attract a relationship with a man you deeply admire and who makes you feel safe, loved, supported and seen… then you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you’ve already been doing.

I want you to take a moment and imagine your future…

It’s Sunday morning and you just woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. You inhale deeply, open your eyes and smile. The sunlight is filtering through the window and outside birds are chirping. The love of your life comes into the room with a breakfast tray full of your favourite food and says “good morning, beautiful. I love you.” He plants a kiss on your lips and you know without a doubt that you’re happy, supported and unconditionally loved.

You’re working on an important project that’s very close to your heart. It’s almost midnight, but you’ve still got a few hours to go until you’ll be finished. Your man walks softly into the room, rubs your shoulders, kisses your cheeks and says “you’re the most wonderful woman on Earth. I’m so proud of you. Go and change the world!” You smile, and you know that you can do this.

Today, you’re not doing well. He places a cool flannel on your head, draws you a nice bath and cooks you soup to help you feel better. You’re able to fully relax and focus on recovering instead of worrying about not being able to do everything, confident that he’s a strong man who’s happy to take care of you. 

Today is the day! You’re introducing him to your family. In the past, when a guy wasn’t right for you, your friends and family picked up on it very quickly. This time, it’s different. Everybody loves him and enjoys his company. You can see it in their eyes that they’re so happy for you, and truly thrilled that you’ve found a man who cares for you so deeply.



An intimate mastermind experience with a small group of maximum 7 sisters (me included) where I’ll gently guide you to heal your love story, identify and let go of your limiting beliefs, develop a magnetic mindset and step into your feminine energy. 

All of this to attract a relationship beyond your wildest dreams that will leave you crying tears of joy and send me the most beautiful pictures from your honeymoon.

“Karin is the best. She is the most caring, empathetic and yet powerful coach that you could hire. I worked went from always attracting men who didn’t know what they wanted to manifesting my handsome, loving, and caring fiancé. Everything with him is so perfect that I still have to pinch myself throughout the day. We’ll be marrying next year, and Karin is invited to the wedding of course (even if I won’t tell anyone who she really is)”

Marie, 36


  • YOU FEEL SECURE AND WORTHY OF LOVE AND COMMITMENT just as you are, with all of your flaws and imperfections
  • YOU DEVELOPED MAGNETIC MINDSET HABITS that allow you to manifest a relationship beyond your wildest dreams
  • YOU EVOLVED INTO YOUR most authentic, vibrant and passionate self, and men are absolutely fascinated and intrigued by your feminine energy
  • YOU LEARNED HOW TO ENJOY being pursued and you're comfortable allowing a man to treat you like the goddess that you are
  • YOU LEARNED HOW TO inspire a man to be the gentleman you always dreamed of and surprise you with romantic dinners, flowers and loving messages
  • YOU HAVE AN AMAZING COMMUNITY of likeminded sisters who really get you and encourage you to be unapologetically you

“Karin is amazing. She’s able to create a deep connection from the start and make you feel safe, heard, and understood. She became my biggest cheerleader, always believing in my dream even when I did not. She helped me tremendously to believe that I am worthy of love and commitment. One day, it was so clear to me. She was right. I AM worthy of love, with all of my flaws and imperfections. Who cares? Two weeks later, I manifested the most amazing man I could dream of. He’s so committed, and he just invited me to a romantic weekend at the ocean

Jana, 38


We’ll meet on Zoom every Saturday at 5 PM Berlin/Germany time for 90 minutes in an intimate group of 7 amazing sisters (including me) ready to step into their light, dream big, and allow an amazing man to pursue and adore them for life.

The magic of this small group will allow you to be profoundly coached by me but also to experience a deep connection and trust with the other sisters, who will witness your light and encourage you to see that you don’t need to hold onto your limiting beliefs anymore.

Each week, you’ll get powerful homework that will help you to connect with your intuition and feel absolutely empowered to manifest whatever you desire. For any questions that you might have in-between the sessions, you’ll get my private Whatsapp number and you’ll be welcome to send me as many written questions as your heart needs.

To manifest a wonderful man worshipping the ground you walk on it’s absolutely essential to have a crystal clear vision of the kind of relationship you want to attract. This week, you’ll tap into your deepest desires and needs, and you’ll allow yourself to own your dreams. 

To date with ease and joy, it’s crucial to identify and let go the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from allowing a man to sweep you off your feet. I’ll gently guide you to set yourself free and start writing the love story you really want.

The sexiest woman is a confident woman who knows her worth. This week, you’ll start to use powerful methods to see your worth and increase your confidence. Your life will never be the same.

This week you’ll emBODY the Goddess within and learn how to increase the vibration of your body, leaving men wondering what this special magic about you is all about. 

As women, our deepest essence is light. One of our most natural needs is to shine and to be seen. And yet, this desire is in deep contrast with our fear of rejection, often leaving us blocked and clueless. This week, you’ll get in touch with your light and learn how to allow yourself to shine while protecting your heart.

You already made the crucial inner work to meet the man of your dreams, and now you’re ready to take aligned action! This week will be all about creating a dating strategy that feels good, realistic, and aligned with your values. 

Manifestation is all about getting crystal clear about your dream, removing all the inner obstacles blocking you from attracting it into your life, and detaching from the how and when it will happen. This week, I’ll give you powerful guidance on how to stay consistent and joyful even if the man of your dreams doesn’t show up after a few dates.

To embody the goddess within, you need to surrender to the universal truth that you deserve an abundance of love, and get ready to truly ACCEPT IT when it inevitably manifests into your life, without telling yourself stories like “This is too good to be true”. This week will be all about giving yourself permission to be comfortable with the miracles that you’re attracting into your life. 


Say hello to an abundance of men fighting to get your attention, because together we’re going to take your dating profile to a whole new level. You’re going to love it, because it will be attracting exactly the high-quality kind of men that you deserve!

For any questions in-between the sessions, I’ve got you covered. You’ll get my private phone number and can send me as many written questions as you like!

FAST ACTION BONUS: If you book your free discovery session with me before Sunday evening, January 24th, you’ll get 2 more months of Whatsapp support for free!


This session is going to be sooo much fun! Together, we’ll make role-play for all kinds of dating situations, and you’ll get a direct and loving feedback on how to step even more into your magnetic self. 

FAST ACTION BONUS! If you book your free discovery session with me before Saturday evening, January 23rd, you’ll get a free 1:1 coaching session for even more personalized support. 


Are you ready to heal your love story, awaken the Goddess within, and allow an amazing man to adore you for the rest of your life?

Then click the link below to schedule a free call with me to see if this program is the perfect fit for you. 


349 EUR


997 EUR

“Karin doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the talk. She gave me the most amazing tips on how to reprogram my mindset and communicate in a feminine way, and I suddenly felt so powerful and attractive! I truly could sense the energy shift, and people all around me (not only men) started to react differently. As if they were naturally attracted to me. A few weeks later, a colleague from the financial department asked me out for coffee. I cannot even start to explain how perfect it feels with him. Yesterday, he invited me for a barbecue to his mum’s house. She was so nervous and happy to meet me, I had tears in my eyes!”

Olivia, 34

Hi, I’m Karin!

I personally cannot wait to guide you over these next 8 weeks…

Learning how to manifest and how to step into my feminine energy has literally transformed my life. I went from a toxic relationship with a guy who was financially dependent on me (and still criticizing me everyday) to marrying the man of my dreams. 

We have the sweetest little daughter, two dogs and the most beautiful house surrounded by nature. My husband is handsome, intelligent, kind hearted, and my biggest fan. With him, I can be 100% myself, with all of my strengths and all of my flaws. 

More than anything else, I want you to experience this feeling. This peace, this safety, this freedom of being loved AND unapologetically you. Because I know that this feeling will give you wings to fly, and energy to fulfill your potential. 

You are on this planet for a reason. The world needs your gifts, your talents, your unique voice more than ever. But you will only be able to step into the best version of you from a place of happiness. This is why I want you to be happy. Because from this happiness, you will change the world. You will shine a light. You will give hope and strength to so many around you. 

I believe in you. I believe in your dreams. You have them for a reason, sister.

Let’s go and make them a reality!!!

“I’m so thankful that I decided to work with Karin! I felt safe and understood from the start. Before meeting her, I felt like I was “begging” men to see my worth. I would be always understanding if they had to cancel a date last minute, hoping that they would see how nice I was. Saying that my life has been transformed after working with Karin would be an understatement. I honestly feel like a new woman. The woman I always wanted to be, but I was too afraid to become. Within a few weeks, I had 3 men begging me to take things further, and I chose the one that made me feel the most loved, happy and secure. Now he tells me every single day that he’s the luckiest man alive to have found me”. 

Heather, 40


This program is NOT for everyone, and truth to be told I’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s not right for you before you apply rather than waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase…

This is for you if:

  • You are a strong and independent woman - and yet, you would love to have a strong, committed, loving, caring, honest, reliable, trustworthy man at your side
  • You are open to forgive yourself and anyone who hurt you in the past
  • You feel READY. Ready to let go of limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you. Ready to shine your light brighter then ever before. Ready to allow an amazing man to treat you like the Goddess that you know you are.
  • You have time to join our Zoom calls (almost) every Saturday at 5 PM Berlin/Germany time from January 30th to March 20th, 2021 (yes, the replays will be available!)

This is not for you if:

  • You prefer a relationship where you are the pursuing and strong partner
  • You’re convinced that men are liars and can’t be trusted
  • You feel like a victim in life and in your relationships
  • You want me to help you get your ex back (I don’t believe in strategies and I don’t believe in pursuing anyone. I believe in getting crystal clear on how you want to feel in a relationship and in allowing the universe to manifest a love beyond your wildest dreams)


… because Mr. Right will just magically appear in your life one day?

I’m calling B.S. Yes, if you just sit and wait, someone might show up one day. But with 99% probability, he will NOT be perfect for you. You will just settle for him and live a mediocre life. 

And I don’t want this for you!!!

I want you to be everything little 9-year-old you dreamed about. I want you to be happy. I want you to feel loved every day. I want you to feel safe, and thankful, and have tears in your eyes because you cannot believe how perfect he is for you. 

And now, let me ask you this: 

Do you honestly believe that if you just keep doing things exactly the same as you are right now, you will be in a happy relationship one year from now?

Probably not! Because nothing changes if nothing changes…

“Oh Karin, we are soooo in love and sooo happy… Thank you so much for all the support … 🙈🙈🙈❤️❤️❤️ I needed this journey with you and this change of mindset so much. Otherwise I’m sure I would have continued to choose the wrong guys and sabotage myself. I can hardly believe how happy you can be. Because I hadn’t experienced it yet, I couldn’t imagine it and now I’m completely off my feet. But exactly: I manifested EXACTLY what I wanted! A lot of friends were laughing at me for working with you, and now that I’m engaged they don’t know what to say 😆😆😆😆”


Eva, 32


How does the application process work?

There are very limited spots in this program, and I want to make sure that we only start working together if we feel deep in our bones that I can help you make your dreams come true.

That’s why I would like to get to know you before sending you any payment link.

When you click on one of the pink buttons on this page, you’ll get the chance to book a free call with me where I’ll ask you some questions about yourself, your current situation, your dreams, and your motivation to join this mastermind.

Of course, you can ask me any questions as well! If we’re a fit made in heaven, I’ll send you a payment link and we can start creating some serious magic together!


When will the program start?

We’re starting January 30th at 5 PM Berlin/Germany time and will meet on Zoom every week at the same time for 8 weeks.

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes, they will! But I strongly encourage you to join the program only if you’re able to make (the majority of) the calls. The real magic happens with the live coaching and sharing.

How many spots are available?

We’ll be an intimate group of 7 women, me included. There are 6 spots available. 

What if I have a question in-between?

You’ll get my private phone number and can send me as many written questions as your heart needs throughout the program.

FAST ACTION BONUS: If you book your free discovery call with me before Sunday evening, January 24th, you’ll get 2 more months of Whatsapp support after the end of the program!!! 🙂

Do you offer a money back guarantee or refunds?

No, I don’t. 

The key to manifest the love of your life is your commitment to do the inner work to release the stories about love, about yourself, and about men that aren’t serving you. I would do you a mis-favour if I offered refunds. You’ll get all the guidance you need, but you’ve got to do the work.

That being said, I fully understand that this is a big investment in yourself and that’s why I’m offering a free consultation to every woman who wants to join. Only if we both feel that this program is the perfect fit for you, I’ll send you the payment link.

What if I have some fears or doubts about joining?

It’s very normal that doubts, fears, or concerns show up when you’re about to leave your comfort zone and step into your light. That’s why I’m offering a free consultation for every woman wanting to join, where you’ll be able to ask me any questions you want.

Will this program work for me?

Short answer: YES.

Longer answer: Yes, probably better and faster than you’d expect. Unless you decide not to do the work 😉

How can I best prepare to join the program?

After our free consultation call, I’ll send you a worksheet to prepare for our first call on January 30th. 

What have I got to lose?

Plenty. Your self-doubts, your fears, years and years spent in a relationship that doesn’t make your heart full of joy… just to name a few things.

Sounds great. How do I get started?

You can book a free call with me here.


“Karin… We’re engaged! I still cannot believe it! It was just like… breathtaking! He invited me to this little hotel at the sea I had told you about, right? And you know what? He booked the “Honeymoon suite” for us! There were flowers and candles everywhere… I had to cry because it was so beautiful… And then, when he saw me crying, he went on his knee and showed me a beautiful ring! Honestly, I cannot even remember what he said because I kept crying for 10 minutes! And then we kissed wet kisses, and…. we are sooooo happy!!!! Thank you a thousand times. I know that without your help, I would never have the courage to keep my standards high and communicate them in such a classy and feminine way all the time”

Anna, 35



349 EUR


997 EUR

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