Hi, I’m Karin!

In the past six years, I’ve helped hundreds of women to find and release what was blocking them from manifesting love.

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My story:

Finding love wasn’t easy for me.

My parents separated when I was nine, and I was raped at 19 years old. After that, I struggled with love for over a decade, and fell into a long-term relationship with a narcissist where I was constantly gaslighted

It took me years to heal, but I never ever gave up and today, I’m married to a wonderful man with the most beautiful heart.

We have the sweetest little daughter, a dog, and the most beautiful house surrounded by nature. My husband is handsome, intelligent, kind hearted, and my biggest fan. With him, I can be 100% myself, with all of my strengths and all of my flaws. 

Our relationship is not perfect, because there are no perfect relationships. But it’s real, beautiful, and peaceful.

More than anything else, I want you to experience this feeling. This peace, this safety, this freedom of being loved AND unapologetically you. Because I know that this feeling will give you wings to fly, and energy to fulfill your potential. 

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