I am on a path to the next level of creating my life

Dear Karin, it’s been a week since we last spoke and I am writing to you as I have a deep gratitude for the experience  with your work and the interaction we had online.
First of all, thank you for holding space for me so beautifully and for being my mirror. As I said while still on the call, I had many realizations while talking to you and all of them led me to the conclusion that when faced with ‘safe’ feminine energy that you so strongly embody as a woman, I had no choice but to finally see that in myself. 
For such a long time I haven’t seen what was in front of me, that I am a healthy and safe feminine energy myself if I choose so. So funny how one realization and one thought can change everything. And this is such a profound shift in me Karin! I can’t even tell you how much my life has changed since our call. 
I realized that my relationships were built on me showing up in my masculine, including the one with my son. I have been doing your course on boundaries and started implementing a lot of the approaches with people around me, as the basis for all the advice you give is from the embodied feminine. This has drastically improved all my relationships with men but had an opposite effect with women ha ha ha. As all my girlfriends know me as the strong, bossy and know all, critical me 🙂 whom I spent time talking and magnifying what doesn’t work and practicing negative thinking, hence manifesting negativity in my life. I am not judging myself for that at all. I can see how this form of relating with women was the only role model I grew up with. Having friends based on the ‘support in crisis mentality’ will create more crises by default. This alone was keeping me in survival mode and was creating more need for masculine energy and victim mentality on a day to day basis.
For the last week I did mourn my old self. I cried. I discovered kindness and deep love for myself. I healed a lot of my abandonment wound patterns and made a choice that I am worthy! I felt it and I integrated it within myself. I stopped using my friends and men as a distraction. I focused on my inner world, contemplated and meditated and loved myself through the whole process.
I understood how my analytical mind and judgment were used as a distraction to keep myself in charge(masculine) instead of simply surrendering and receiving (feminine). 
As we approach the end of this year I am on a path to the next level of creating my life from the place of becoming THE ONE 🙂 and I thank you for playing such an integral part in this process for me. You are such a gift to me Karin. Your talents and intuition are the very medicine that I needed to get where I am. The amount of work it took from You sister to be that beacon of light for many of us, shows in all aspects of interaction with you. It’s deeply humbling and inspiring to be in your presence as the sound of your spirit is very powerful!
From my soul to your soul with love, thank you!