I was able to learn more and more to give myself the permission to be loved and happy

I come from a past full of toxic relationships, because unconsciously I was always choosing men who did not really want me. When I found Karin, I resonated with her work so much that she became a kind of role model for how I wanted to be as a woman: soft, warm, loving, caring, but also strong and independent in a positive way.

Working with her, I always felt so good and held with all of my fears and upcoming emotions in the start of my first healthy relationship. She always answered quickly with loving advice to find my path to true self-love and self respect. I was able to learn more and more to give myself the permission to be loved and happy, and at the same time holding space for myself and accepting that it was not easy in the beginning to let myself be loved by a really wonderful and masculine man.

The relationship with the guy is blooming, yesterday he told me that he loves me for the first time. I never had a man before who said it so warmly and openly. Its absolutely amazing for me to have this experience. Yesterday we went mountain biking, which we both love a lot, I had an accident and hurt my leg, and how he reacted and cared for me made me almost cry out of love and happiness. He took me to my home, went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, while asking if I needed something several times, cleaned up the kitchen and was really funny while doing that, not a second of being frustrated or anything (which I know from former partners, when I needed them to do something for me). It feels just so great to have this man in my life and feel the love growing so much. I would not be able to have this experience without you, because in the beginning he felt a bit too weird, and you motivated me to keep going. Even if I already took many many online courses and psychotherapy sessions, it was you who helped me the most, because of the answers right when I needed them, and just how much you understand the situations and how you work as a coach, and I feel so much more confident now to make the right steps. You’re such a precious leader for every woman who made bad experiences and has a hard time falling in love with a good guy and finally being happy and loved. Thank you so much Karin, for being there for me. You are doing such an important and wonderful job!