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How can you “just be yourself” in dating when you’re feeling different every day?

Sometimes you’re a girly girl, and sometimes you’re a bitch… Sometimes you’re on top of the world, and sometimes you feel like an emotional mess…

Sister, let me take you on a journey to embrace the holy wisdom of your body and to date with confidence by saying YES to your cyclical nature. 

Let me show you how there’s gold in every season of the month, and how by embracing the truth of your changing energy you can fascinate and mesmerize an abundance of high-quality men ready to commit. 

This is NOT simply a course about embracing your feminine energy. Because the truth is that you have BOTH feminine and masculine energy in you. And by simply following external “rules” on how to show up in your feminine energy you would still not be 100% authentic. 

Instead, this is a journey of self-love, a journey of listening to your body and learning to walk and talk YOUR truth.

If this course is calling your name, I’d love to welcome you inside! 

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