Get clarity about your current situation and feel empowered to take aligned action.

“Dear Karin, you are the most caring, kind, and honest dating/life coach that I found on social media.

Your words feel like warm hugs”



After payment, you get my phone number to contact me directly on Whatsapp

You send me a written message explaining your current situation, your struggles, your desires, and the strategy that you’re using right now to make them a reality. You can also send me up to 10 screenshots of your conversations in the dating apps to get my personalized feedback on how to show up in a way that inspires men to pursue you in a serious way.

Within 48 hours, you’ll get long voice messages from me with extensive feedback and tips. If I feel that you’re asking a question about a topic that is only a “surface problem”, I’ll give you specific tips but I’ll also challenge you to go deeper to uncover what is really holding you back from experiencing the love that you deserve.

You can ask any clarifying questions that you might have, so that you feel empowered to take aligned action.

“Thank you so much for your kind and insightful advice Karin. Everything that you say makes so much sense. Listening to you felt like remembering what I always knew to be true, but never had the courage to see”



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