Are you ready to meet your soulmate?

If you’re a soulful, smart woman in your 30s or more, ready for a lasting relationship with a wonderful man who adores the ground you walk on…

you’re in the right place.

Your journey to love:

Your past relationships haven’t been easy, and the dating scene?

It’s so hard to meet interesting people and it’s just full of guys looking for something casual. No matter how much you crave true love, things seem never to progress past a situationship. 

All the while, your friends are getting married and throwing baby showers.

Why is it so easy for everyone else and so much of a struggle for you?

Sister, take a deep breath.

I know exactly how you feel.

And I can help you attract a blissful, committed relationship with an incredible man who makes you feel loved, safe, and seen.

Picture this:

A partnership that’s real, evolving, and feels like home

Conversations that just flow and could go on for hours

Moments of tender intimacy, where the world fades away, and it’s just the two of you, wrapped in the warmth of each other’s presence

An intimate connection that is built on trust, allowing you both to be fully seen and accepted

A man at your side who’s resilient, driven, and with a clear vision for your path together

Quiet moments where you finally feel the comfort of being truly understood

Hi, I’m Karin!

With a certification as a trauma-informed transformational coach, 7 years of experience as a dating coach for women, and a heart committed to guiding you to find lasting love, I bring a unique blend of real-life wisdom, compassion, and competence to your dating journey.

Being a dating coach for women is not just my job; it’s my passion. The stories of women who have found love, built families, and transformed their lives is what makes me wake up every Monday morning with a smile on my face. 

He wants all the best for me and communicates that clearly

Henry is a dream! He indeed has a natural desire to prove himself to me, he wants all the best for me and communicates that clearly. He’s not over the top, respects my boundaries. He naturally communicated his desire to get married and have children. And he naturally let me know that he cut off other girls he was talking to because, I quote, “How can I be fair to myself when all I think about is you?” I’m so grateful for you, for your constant push to not only keep the dream alive, but KNOWING that it’s on its way and that it’s just a matter of time until we meet. Also, I want to add that you were right about meeting at the right time. If I would have met him 2 years, 1 year, or 6 months ago, he wouldn’t have been ready and not would I. He’s the one who said (and has said it a couple of time already) that he believes we met at the right time in our lives

Is private coaching the right choice for you?

This is what you can expect…

Holistic guidance:

In our private coaching sessions, we go beyond conventional dating advice.

I help you understand what you should be really looking for in a man, regulate your nervous system to expand your ability to receive love, and attract high-quality men ready for a relationship…

So that you can lean back and let the right man pursue you.

Unraveling Blocks and Fears:

Together, we work through any blocks that may be holding you back, ensuring you feel safe and confident throughout the dating process.

Some examples? Maybe you’re afraid of having unrealistic expectations, or you secretly think that you should be making yourself small in order “not to intimidate men”. Or you’re afraid that time is running against you.

Whatever they are, I’ll help you address and release any blocks and fears you might have, so that you can show up as the most confident and magnetic version of yourself…

And actually enjoy the process of choosing the right man for you.

The key to lasting love:

No more casual dating over here!

I’ll help you show up in a way that makes him think…

“Wow… She’s wife material!”

I’ll help you recognize if he’s ready for commitment, and how your relationship can continue to grow and blossom… for a lifetime. 

Crafting a Powerful Dating Strategy:

Your dreams matter, and we’re going to take them very seriously!

Get ready to attract an abundance of high-quality men looking for a committed relationship, so that you can lean back and take your time to choose the right person for you.

Support Throughout the Dating Process:

In the lows and in the highs… I’ll have your back every step of the way!

And I can’t wait to celebrate your engagement with you! (and cry when you’re going to send me the wedding pictures)

The truth is…
You could do much of this work alone.

You could journal, read books, sign up for lower priced courses, go through the exercises, and reach a breakthrough. But if you’ve felt stuck for years now, do you honestly think it will change? Only you have your answer here.

What I know for sure is that having a coach at your side who knows exactly what it takes to manifest love is going to make your journey so much faster, easier and enjoyable.

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You made me believe in love again. You made me believe that I’m worthy of it.

“I’ve always had bad experiences with love and before meeting you, I was almost sure that I would end up alone. Even if I was dating some guy, I always thought that it wouldn’t last. Karin… You changed my life. You made me believe in love again. You made me believe that I’m worthy of it. You made me believe that I can have it. And today, I’m celebrating my 6 months anniversary with my boyfriend. And what can I say, it’s going better and better. I can’t thank you enough!”

Ready for the details?

When you sign up for private coaching with me you get…

3 months of VIP private support with me

2 private Zoom sessions a month

Private email support in between our sessions

Lifetime access to all of my courses and masterclasses

Dating profile makeover: Get ready to shine and attract high quality men who align with your values and dreams.

Magnetic texting in the apps: No more boring back and forth, I’ll show you how to create a genuine connection from the start.

I manifested EXACTLY what I wanted!

Oh Karin, we are soooo in love and sooo happy… Thank you so much for all the support … I needed this journey with you and this change of mindset so much. Otherwise I’m sure I would have continued to choose the wrong guys and sabotage myself. I can hardly believe how happy you can be. Because I hadn’t experienced it yet, I couldn’t imagine it and now I’m completely off my feet. But exactly: I manifested EXACTLY what I wanted! A lot of friends were laughing at me for working with you, and now that I’m engaged they don’t know what to say 😉

This work is absolutely priceless.

This investment is intended to be a powerful move for yourself, because you deserve world-class support to make your dreams a reality.


Gold package

2000 EUR for 3 months coaching

includes 2 sessions a month in Zoom, a dating profile makeover, access to all of my courses, and unlimited support in between via email for all of your questions

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VIP package

3000 EUR for 3 months coaching

includes 2 sessions a month in Zoom, a dating profile makeover, access to all of my courses, and unlimited support with voice notes in Whatsapp or Voxer

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Are you ready?

Then let’s meet for a free discovery call!

I want to meet you before starting to work with you!

I only work with clients who feel like soulmates… Where we both feel deep in our bones that I’m the right coach to help them fly.

And please… Don’t even start to worry about being judged for your past (relationships). My clients often tell me that I’m “the embodiment of love” 😉

I would never ever judge anyone.

Your past doesn’t define you, if you don’t let it. What I want to see is whether you have a growth mindset and you’re ready to learn and grow from everything!

And of course, I’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions about our exciting journey together!

Book your free discovery call

Let’s meet for a virtual cup of tea (or coffee!) and see if we’re a fit made in heaven! Simply select the day and time that work best for you below!


I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I still have to pinch myself!!

Karin.. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I still have to pinch myself!! When I told him, Eithan started to jump up and down and kiss me all over. He had tears in my eyes and started to say “thank you, my love!!” He told me that I would be the best mum ever and thanked me for making him a father. I can’t even believe this, Karin!! Do you remember when I was telling you that men don’t want to commit? You were so right all along!! Thank you for believing in me! Thank you for helping me to believe in love! Thank you for helping me manifest everything I ever wanted!

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Who is private coaching for?

Private coaching is for soulful, intelligent women who are ready to find a committed and loving relationship. If you’re ready to do the inner work to lovingly release what might be blocking you from fully trusting yourself and attracting love, this is for you.

What makes your coaching different from other dating coaches?

With 7 years of experience and certification as a trauma-informed transformational coach, I bring a powerful blend of real-life wisdom, compassion, and competence to your dating journey. My work is literally to challenge you and to make you feel safe at once, to help you grow and expand into the confident, magnetic version of yourself.

Of course, I’m not for everyone. If you resonate with my work, you can book a free discovery call with me to see if we’re a fit made in heaven.

Book a call

How do private coaching sessions work?

Our sessions take place via Zoom, offering a private and personalized space for your journey. It’s like talking to a friend who’s just as invested in your love story as you are, with the difference that I know exactly what it takes to help you attract a healthy, lasting relationship. 

What can I expect in terms of transformation?

Expect more than just finding a partner. Clients often experience a profound shift in their relationship with themselves, an increase in self-love, and a genuine belief in their worthiness of love. Success stories include marriages, families, babies, and a newfound ease in navigating work and family situations.

Will this work for me?

Yes, if you’re ready to shift out of a victim mindset (“Life is happening to me”, “This is how things have always gone for me”) and remember that you have always the power to choose differently and attract a fully new reality.

I will be a loving mirror for your inner ability to attract the life that you desire. Your job will be to take this journey as seriously as you take everything else in your life that really matters.

This is a 3 months coaching program. Is it realistic for me to find love in 3 months?

3 months is a very realistic timeline to have profound shifts in the way you see yourself, men, and love.

Many women who’ve worked with me privately before have been able to find love in this timeframe. Because when you do the work to become an energetic match for love, things can shift and happen very quickly.

Of course, every situation and story is different. But after these 3 months, even if you didn’t find the one yet, everything gets easier. You’re standing tall, proud of who you are, and certain of what you deserve. No pressure, no rush. Just leaning back, enjoying the attention from several promising men and allowing yourself time to choose wisely.

If you’d like to continue to be supported by me after the 3 months together, you’ll be able to book single sessions as you need them for a very reduced rate.

Why is the investment so low / so high?

Depending on where you live and on whether you’ve been coached before, you might see this investment as being very low, or very high. My aim is to have a healthy compromise between making this affordable, and still a powerful move for yourself.

I want you to feel that you’re powerfully investing in yourself and in your future, because you deserve the very best support to attract the life you’ve always wanted. 

How do I get started?

It’s simple! Let’s meet for a virtual cup of tea and get to know each other.

In this free discovery call, I want to make sure that we’re a good fit to work together. Don’t worry, I will never judge you based on your past stories. Your past doesn’t define you, if you don’t let it. What I want to see is whether you have a growth mindset and you’re ready to do the inner work to uplevel, step into your worth, and become an energetic match for lifelong love.

You can also ask me any questions about our upcoming journey together!